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BE CONFIDENT- ‘Tenry English Learning Salon’ now opening!

Employees gathered in the EARTH meeting room on November 2, 2017 for direct talks on good English learning manners and experiences.


Tenry Training | Tenry EMBA Senior Seminar Phase I -- in July 2017

Composed of senior professional managers from three subsidiary companies of Tenry Family, the Tenry- Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)“Remarkable Talent Project” EMBA cooperative seminar has been held at SJTU’s Antai College from July 20 to July 21.


Report on Tenry pharm's 2017 Quality Month

In this quality month, Shanghai Qingping Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Tenry Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd held quality month start respectively, conveyed the background, theme and content of the activity to each workshops and teams, and posted a propaganda poster on the production site to create an atmosphere of targeting high quality. In accordance with the quality month plan, the two carried out Q&A activities with the topic of corporate culture, GMP and SOP. All staff responded positively, and 40% of them actually participated in the Q&A.