BE CONFIDENT- ‘Tenry English Learning Salon’ now opening!

Arriving from around the company for a long-awaited English learning summit, the employees from almost all departments have gathered in the EARTH meeting room on November 2, 2017 for direct talks on good English learning manners and experiences.

The first ‘Tenry English Learning Salon’, which is attended by general staffs, team leaders, and high-level executives, is expected to address such longstanding points of discussion as how unbelievably important it is to build global leadership by improving staffs’ English skills from all aspects through activities and events of various themes.

The event began with a simple warm-up game aiming at helping participants relax in a total-English atmosphere. Participants soon became fairly active in talking in English, although most of them felt it awkward and embarrassed just 10 minutes ago. Participants shared their experiences later. “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart’, said one participant, adding that the very first thing we need to do when we get started to learn a language is to be confident.

Some essential English grammar knowledges are also shared at the event. “Grammar knowledges are significant components of English studying”, said many participants.

In the last session of the event, “think in English”, “speak in English” spirits are inspired through a “Listening and Retelling” game. All participants started to discuss in English actively from this session, which means the goal of this event—Be Confident—has been achieved.

Each of the attendees has been highly pleased with the talks thus far and cannot waiting for the next event. “Not only did we experience a total- English atmosphere, but also got some knacks in language learning,” said participants with high tension.

The first “Tenry English Learning Salon” ended. But to the wave of English learning, it’s just a start. Various events will be held every month, hoping to bring about language practicing chances for every staffs who wants to acquire an improvement in their English level.

Total- English communication atmosphere, essential knowledges, experience sharing platform, “Tenry English Learning Salon” can provide all these to you.