Composed of senior professional managers from three subsidiary companies of Tenry Family, the Tenry- Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)“Remarkable Talent Project” EMBA cooperative seminar has been held at SJTU’s Antai College from July 20 to July 21. This course is mainly designed to introduce financial management knowledge for non-financial personnel. Participants are enjoying the great benefit of this course.

After more than a decade of development, Tenry has entered into a higher level of development stage. This new stage has brought many opportunities, but there are also much more challenges for all Tenry people, especially for managers, who will fail to keep up with the pace of enterprise development if they refuse to master more knowledge and skills through continuous learning.

As for Tenry Pharmaceutical is on its rapid development stage, it is an increasingly important task for non-financial position managers to master basic financial knowledge. For many non-financial managers, “finance” seems a very unfamiliar word. Though finance plays vital role in enterprises, it can hardly attract the attention of non-financial staff. Therefore, Advanced Financial Management launched jointly by Tenry pharmaceutical and Shanghai Jiaotong University was opened this week for non-financial managers of Tenry. It aimed at bringing professional and practical financial concept to non-financial managers and training them to solve work problems by using financial knowledge. 

The courses was given by Professor Chen Yujing, a part-time professor of MBA and EMBA in Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University and Shanghai National Accounting Institute. She has rich experience in theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of finance. This time, from the unique point of view of non-financial staff, she analyzed professional concept like accounting and financial statement, through which she lead all members into the world of finance and inspired them to have a strong interest in this field.

Not only emphasized the construction of the theoretical knowledge, this course also underlined practices during daily work. Through several classic cases, Professor Chen sometimes led the students to think hard on her questions, and sometimes inspired students a lively discussion. During the two-day course, non-financial background managers have fully enjoyed the great enchantment of finance world.

Students are preparing their Cash Flow

Brain Storming: analyzing the problems one enterprise is facing with through financial statements


A good news for students who are longing for more lectures is that the next course will continue to explain the financial management of non-financial managers. After this week's study, students are also full of expectations for the next course.