In this month, Shanghai Qingping Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (QingPing) and Shanghai Tenry Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Tenry) launched a program called “Quality of the month”.  The purpose of this program is to create the high quality concept to the employees by introducing the background, theme and activities via workshops, posters created in the production site. In accordance with the quality month plan, the two Q&A activities with the topic of corporate culture, GMP and SOP were launched. All staff reacted positively, and 40% of them actually participated in the Q&A.

       In May, Qingping and Tenry jointly launched a program called “The Quality of the Month 2017”. The topic is “Everyone manages tasks in the right attitude, operations and procedures to achieve the best Q&A standard”.

Establish a meticulous working attitude

        The activity aimed at encouraging all staff to establish a meticulous and focused working attitude, identifying the improper operations in SOP and propose remedial solutions to improve the feasibility and operability of SOP. A total of 24 employees proposed 53 amendments and suggestions, which was consolidated and archived.


 Selection of “Normative Writing of Original Record Example”

Qingping pharm and Tenry pharm selected 19 records of normative writing and posted them in wechat platform. Record which got the most “likes” on wechat will be displayed in two plants for the purpose of learning and communication.

The quality month was closed in the end of May. On June 3rd, “Meeting summary on Tenry’s The Quality of the Month 2017” was launched a theatre located in the Fengxian District, and the Vice general manager Mr. Guo zhaoqing delivered a speech in the meeting.


Knowledge Contest of Corporate Culture and GMP

A knowledge contest of corporate culture and GMP criterion was launched in order to advocate the corporate culture: Achieve cohesion and GMP criteria to standardize employee's behavior.


The timeliness of filing in original record has always been a problem, including the subjective attention of employees, the inappropriate record design and management. Through an "original copy must be filled in time to ensure correctness and reality" debate, the staff expressed their thought freely and suggested better solutions.


To encourage full participation, the QC leader Mr. Chen liang of Tenry pharm's biology group presented "solution to buffer tank’s liquid level control" project on site, which won "Shanghai Excellent QC Team of Pharmaceutical Industry ". He said that through brainstorming and QC group activities, we can improve product quality, optimize the management process, reduce production costs and boost work efficiency.

Talent show of Employees

       Monologue comic talk "industry rules" given by Hu Ran from QA group interpreted the rules of family and industry. Tenry people always abide by "quality awareness in mind, product quality in hands, everyone is the creator and the beneficiary of quality”.

Then it came the most exciting moment of the meeting. The winners of activities launched before were awarded for encouragement.

Finally, a month of "2017 Tenry quality month activities" was successfully concluded. The theme and spirit of this quality will be engraved in each Tenry people's hearts!