From 16th-19th March, 2017, 18 senior professional managers from 3 subsidiary companies of Tenry pharmaceutical begin their 14 months training journey. They are the first students of Remarkable Talent Project”, which is the EMBA cooperative seminar between Shanghai pharmaceutical co., LTD and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

In times of cultural upheaval, the current market order and business regular are facing new challenges. The enterprise is facing the challenges of transformation, innovation and development not only in the process of exploring local market but also in the global competition. The accumulated knowledge and experience, philosophy in the management even the value systems are not enough to meet requirements of the new economic ages for continuously changing external environment. Changing is the main theme of the new time, and development as well as innovation is enterprise’s everlasting topic.

“Remarkable Talent Project”, the EMBA cooperative seminar between Shanghai pharmaceutical co., LTD and Shanghai Jiaotong University, will last for 14 months, aiming at helping students expand vision, improving management ability through more than 10 classes in 24 days to improve decision-making ability and innovation capability in the new economic environment. At last, they will become senior professional manager and management talent, who can well adapt to the new economic pattern.    

The first part of the class is lectured by Professor Qian Chunhai with the topic of  “2017 macro economy and political tendency, and unscramble of the spirit of two sessions”. He directly led students into the complex economic world with his unique view, through the combination of picture and explanation and the deeply discussion of real cases. He will teach students how to use various types of analysis tool to analyze and unscramble current economic situation in daily life and work.

The last part of class is lectured by Professor Jia Yong with the topic of “ HR management of non-HR manager”. In the perspective of practicability and enlightenment, Professor Jia pays attention to the interaction with students. The training purpose, through group discussion of combining theory and practice, is to improve students’ work and talent management capability.

The students are expected to well use the tools and methods learned from classes to change their old thinking model, thus can improve their leadership and management capability. Let’s meet in May and expect the more brilliant training seminar.